Active Early Years

Active Early Years

Youth Sport Trust’s ‘Active Play’

A fun introduction for young people to a multi-skilled approach to learning through activities that focus on the fundamentals of movement and should encourage young people to develop the five multi-abilities of creative, cognitive, social, physical and personal development.

Active Play is aligned with curriculum practices so it can be used to complement curriculum delivery and offer enabling, extension and enrichment activities to young people in a variety of different settings. Supporting fundamental movement skills, the content have been selected to support the education of movement, balance and co-ordination linked in with the long term athlete development framework.

Bishop Sports and Leisure, again in partnership, and drawing on the expertise of the Youth Sports Trust Development and Resources team, have assembled a range of equipment best suited to meet the requirements of active play.

Jump for Joy

Jump for Joy “Frolic” for nursery age children (1 to 4 years) is not simply another “soft play” equipment product. Uniquely, the range has been developed with, and is actively endorsed by, British Gymnastics to provide a challenging soft-play environment to assist in the development of agility, balance and co-ordination. Using the activity programmes included in the Support Pack allows non-specialists to structure and monitor meaningful play sessions and provide opportunities to chart and reward early progress.

Each of the following Frolic pieces are available separately and also go to make up the Magic Carpet Set. The number in brackets denotes the number of pieces of each that are supplied within the complete Magic Carpet Set.