Tchoukball UK

Tchoukball is a relatively new sport, invented in the late 1960s and first played in 1970. Combining the pace and excitement of Handball and Volleyball, Tchoukball is the fastest handball sport in the world today. Tchoukball UK are the National Governing Body for Tchoukball in the United Kingdom.

Tchoukball is a non-contact sport that can be played all year round indoors or out. It is very easy to learn and has something to offer everyone, it is a great sport for schools for many reason but most of all because it is so inclusive. Everyone can play together so it makes a great way to bring young people together through sport.

A Guide to Playing

Tchoukball is played with two rebound nets called ‘frames’ these are placed at both ends of the court, (which varies in size depending on the ages of the players). Each team has 10 players (7 players and 3 substitutes). Players fall into three categories ‘shooters’, ‘defenders/end pivots’ and a ‘centre pivot’.

The object of Tchoukball is to throw/shoot the ball at the frame, so that it rebounds and lands over the line of the ‘D’ in the court. The opposition’s job is to catch the ball to prevent their opponents scoring.

The basic rules are simple, a player has 3 seconds with the ball, there are only 3 steps allowed with the ball and 3 passes with the ball before a shot. No tackling is involved and the only time possession switches from one team to the other is when the ball is caught by a defending player after the opposition shoots or the ball is dropped during play.

And remember, fair play is essential, everyone one must respect each other and the match referees. Tchoukball UK are proud to have a fair play charter.

Tchoukball Ball Size Guide:

Ball Size Recommended Age
0 Up to 9 Years
1 10-14 Years
2 14+ Years
3 Senior